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SPLORE is a storytelling service. We’re all about exploring new territories or seeing the same things from a different perspective.
Basically, we write and produce content for and about innovation.
Our work is designed to celebrate beneficial breakthroughs, untangle complexity, and stand out to the right people.



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We produce content which helps bring technologies and experiences to life.

Starting a movement with Media Distillery

Re-vamping technical persona messaging

Helping Heineken through internal IT change

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Here’s where we try to tackle difficult questions like ‘are we making the most of our screens?’ and ‘are we outsourcing our humanity to machines?’

How will wearable tech shape humanity?

Close your laptop, look around you

Before they pass away: fading cultures through the camera lens

Nice things said by people at tech brands

“I really like Alex’s tone of voice as a writer, which is very young and modern, and makes high-end technology sound more friendly, fun and accessible. For us, this is a must.”

Head of Marketing, Media Distillery

“Alex is a talented, versatile wordsmith who delivers effective content that makes your audience come back for more. “

Head of Marketing, Relay42

“A great subject matter specialist for B2B tech content. Would highly recommend. “


“Alex is the main driver when it comes to our content strategy. After articulating challenges and market developments, she’s the go-to person to turn it into a valuable asset for our market.”

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Plot Projects

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