Great work doesn’t happen without great clients, so thank you to all of ours for encouraging us to do things like this.

Shaping a movement for Media Distillery

The world of business is obsessed with the holy grail of ‘Artificial Intelligence’. But AI is a means, not an end in itself. We explained how MD’s video metadata can change how we experience TV.

Re-vamping technical persona messaging

Vamp was one of the best-kept-secrets in software release management, buried under a complex story. Here’s how we shifted the narrative for a new audience.

Helping Heineken manage internal IT change

The update of Heineken’s IT support service involved a big global rollout. We crafted a pack of clear, value-based communications to keep their operating companies up-to-date across 48 countries.

Giving Innov8rs a voice to know more & be better

This global community for corporate innovators continues to grow. We manage their blog, where the brightest and best ideas, experiences and perspectives are written, retold and shared.  

Launching Motek's new mobility product

Time to launch Motek’s revolutionary rehabilitation device: The RYSEN. We used a messaging pyramid to produce copy for a brochure, website and promo video script.

Re-mapping Plot Projects in a mobile world

This platform for mobile apps can do many cool things with location data. How can we shift the conversation from product functionality to benefits for a less technical target audience?

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