Giving Innov8rs a voice

Innov8rs is the top global community for corporate innovators. They’ve hosted a decade of locally intimate, immersive and impactful gatherings for people to share, connect and collaborate with those in similar roles – across the world.


Build a trusted blog for trailblazers

It can be lonely on the edge. Beyond their +25 events dotted all over the world, innov8rs needed to provide their community with a place to stay updated on the learnings from the latest innovation programmes, as well as tips for disrupting industry and shaping the future of work.

Alex is the blog’s contributing editor. She brings individual stories to life, summarises conference highlights and shares best-kept innovation secrets to keep the +20,000 strong community well-fed.


The blog to know more, and be better

  • Interviewing a who’s who of innovation leaders for their valuable perspectives
  • Finding fresh angles and analogies to breathe new life to well-established ideas and frameworks to inform a ‘no-BS’ audience
  • Removing complexity to turn big corporate processes into refreshingly simple explainer articles
  • Staying at the sharp-end of a topic that’s constantly changing, by identifying smaller trends as well as seismic shifts in sentiment.

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