Media Distillery: how to start a movement

A big part of B2B brand storytelling is about tapping into a cause customers truly care about and can get behind. So that’s what we did.  


Saying 'no' to zero results found

Media Distillery has a unique, well-developed product offering that appeals to the existential needs of TV service providers. But to really tap into that urgency, they need to not only appeal to their customers’ heads – but their hearts. We found a clear, compelling world view to unite Media Distillery’s target audience – based on a visceral annoyance with poor content discovery.



The 5 commandments of TV content discovery

With a powerful hook for Media Distillery's story to fight against 'zero results found', we created an extended storyboard, script, and infographic. This core story centered around a significant change that would make the status quo seem unacceptable - and highlighting the irresistible potential for improvement.

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