Vamp: new buyer persona, new messaging

Vamp was one of the best-kept-secrets in software release management, buried under a complex story.



Speak simply to the varied needs of the enterprise architect

This fast-growing SaaS company was on the road to scoring a big investment 🎉 and they were critically re-focusing everything they were doing – from buyer and user personas to product roadmap and value proposition.

To get set for international expansion, Vamp needed to tell a consistent story that spoke to the right stakeholders… starting with the enterprise architect.


Delivered in just 9 weeks...

With scale-up agency WeGrow, Alex (strategist), Sophie (copywriter) and Milen (designer) helped translate the addressable pain-points of Vamp’s key buyer – the enterprise architect – into content which directly addressed their needs:

  • Interviews: discovered what enterprise architects were looking for, the language they used and what kept them up at night
  • Messaging framework: crafted core messages, a copy pyramid and internal explainer slides for Vamp’s commercial & product teams
  • Explainer graphics: made presentations and pages pop with a simple visual identity to bring out Vamp’s value
  • Whitepaper: expanded Vamp’s adapted value proposition with an educational eBook about their approach to controlled release management.

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